BUSINESS ZENZ is a freelance consulting proprietary firm working in three major areas; Consulting, Training and Organisational Development initiatives.

Illustrative List of Assignments completed:

Programs at Organization Level:

  1. Company level culture-setting workshops.
  2. Identity creation initiatives - vision, mission, values, guiding principles etc.
  3. Strategy workshops - business, technology, and people strategy (strategic workforce planning).
  4. Executive coaching.
  5. Team building workshops.

Programs for the Technical Career Path in the IT industry:

  1. Understanding the role of an Architect.
  2. Defining competences required of an Architect - Functional Competences, Professional Competences, Leadership Competences.
  3. Defining Competency Assessment frameworks and deploying it to define Individual Development Plans.
  4. Delivering customised training programs that will help senior technical staff bridge the gap to becoming Architects.

Programs for Management:

  1. Interpreting global competence frameworks in the Indian context for a large MNC.
  2. Identifying and utilising appropriate Leadership styles.
  3. Leadership skills such as (each of these modules were crafted for the specific needs of an organization and audience): Managing Ambiguity, Creativity, Customer Focus, Drive for Results, Managing Peer relationships, Professional Courage, Abstraction skills, Managerial Coaching, Critical Thinking and Decision Making, Delighting Customers, Managing Oneself, Global Manager skills, Managerial Mindset, Effective Performance Appraisal, The Art of Delegation, Negotiation Skills, Using TA, Driving a culture of Innovation.
  4. Facilitator for Bullet Proof Manager Program.
  5. Executive coach for senior executives.

One-of Consultancy Projects:

  1. Building strategies for small and medium sized company.
  2. Designing, and deploying a 360 degree feedback for engineering community of an organization.
  3. Designing Innovation Summit.
  4. Telephonic consultancy of healthcare technology related industry through GLG.

The mind map provides an overview.