The file below is a list of books, articles and other reading material that I have or have read. Many colleagues have asked me how to go about building their own library and reading habit. Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Understand Bloom's Taxonomy on educating oneself on a specific field or discipline. I have provided a brief explanation here.
  2. Pick a theme per quarter.Examples of themes are : people management, financial understanding, product architectures, SMAC technologies etc.
  3. Read anything you can in that particular theme over the quarter. This can include books, articles, blogs, social media literature etc.
  4. Get into a habit of reading just 20 minutes a day. The most common reason for not reading is lack of time. Until one remembers that everyone has just 24 hours of it.
  5. A great way to start is to set aside a budget every month for investing in your self-development. Buy books and display it in your hall - it does lead to action!!!
List of Books_Website.pdf